Tandpasta aloe vera

3,99 incl. BTW

No fluoride.

  • No peppermint.
  • Certified organic.
  • 100% natural origin.

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This toothpaste cleans effectively with the forces of nature, and it contains a strong team.

The chalk used was created millions of years ago and is simply gathered from the bottom of the sea and then pulverised. That is also the reason that the toothpaste has the natural, light grey colour of natural chalk.

Furthermore, it has a high content of aloe vera, because it helps protect your gums and provides them with some additional care. Finally as an extra bonus, it includes myrrh, which is known for its antiseptic effect.

Made with a fresh-fruity orange flavour.


– Cleans with natural chalk
– Antiseptic
– Fresh orange flavour
– Does not contain fluoride
– Does not contain Peppermint


Aloe Vera leaf extract
Orange Peel oil
Myrrh oil
Magnolia Bark extract


Extra informatie


75 ml


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